This is a roll of toilet paper embroidered with the words "class of 2020, got the crap and gown"  The zeros in the 2020 are shaped like piles of poop.  At the top right of the design is a graduation cap,

Crap and Gown 2020

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Know someone who graduated during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic?  We have three different embroidered toilet paper designs that are sure to make them laugh!  

Toilet paper comes wrapped in clear cellophane, but for clearer pictures it is shown unwrapped.

Our designs are machine embroidered on the outer layer of toilet paper. The roll is rolled  back to it's original shape, with a piece of double sided tape holding the flap. The rest of the roll is not affected by the embroidery and can be used as regular toilet paper.

Design digitized by Embroidery Adventures